Being able to create image shape cutouts is one of my favourite features of Picmonkey.

What do I mean by image shape cutouts? Take a look at a screenshot from my homepage:

Those circular images have been ‘cutout’ from a larger image, with a transclucent background. It basically creates a nice ‘vignette’ of a particular photo detail.

This works really well for fun profile photos for your blog sidebar too!

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I’ve used Picmonkey for nearly 4 years for all my blog design needs – creating blog images, designing my homepage, editing my headshots, creating social media images etc. But if you’re on the fence, the 7 day free trial gives you an opportunity to find out if you love it too, so you have nothing to lose!

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How to Create Image Shape Cutouts 

I’ve made a super-easy video tutorial to walk you through it (if you prefer to read instructions, then a full screenshot tutorial is below!)…

 1. Open your image in Picmonkey

NOTE: in order to ensure the final shape cutout image is large enough, make sure you are working with as large a file size as possible. I downloaded the below free stock photo from Unsplash and its over 2000px wide.

2. Choose the ‘Shape Cutouts’ option from the ‘Frames’ menu

The ‘Frames’ option is the frame icon on the lefthand menu. “Shape Cutouts’ is the first option in this menu. 

You can choose a number of shapes – I’ve gone for a circle, but no reason you can’t try a star or a heart. 

Click the shape of your choice and your image will be cut down to this shape, with a transparent surround, like so:

3. Resize & reposition the cutout

If you want to focus on a particular part of the image, you can move the cutout to the correct area.

You can also resize it in the menu on the lefthand side – I’ve reduced mine to 39% and moved it to capture a cute detail on the upper right hand side of the image. 

4. Crop around the cutout 

You can now crop the cutout image down to a usable area. Choose the crop menu in the ‘Basic Edits’ function (top of lefthand menu).

4. Export to your computer as a png file 

Click ‘Export’ in the top menu to save to your computer.

Ensure you download it as a .png file to ensure the surround of the shape remains transparent!

So one you’ve downloaded it, you can then go and create lots of cool graphics. For example:


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Be sure to check out all the other fun ways you can modify images with Picmonkey in my post on 5 Ways to Customise a Free Stock Photo

Have fun!

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