Want to start a blog in 2018? Get it right from day one with my series of tutorials on How to Start a Blog on WordPress. With checklists, step by step tutorials and videos you can set up a blog as a hobby, or to make money, in no time at all.

How to meal plan: the ultimate guide for busy moms

How to meal plan: the ultimate guide for busy moms

So, you're here to learn how to meal plan? You're in the right place. Let me guess... You're a busy mom trying to juggle your house, family and work.  You have great intentions for dinner, but some nights you're too tired to cook. Even if you can muster the energy,...

How to create a round up post with other blogger’s images

A round-up post is a great way to create content for your site and can drive more traffic if done well. BUT you must ensure you’re not infringing on other bloggers copyright if you use their images. Tips on how to create an image round-up post without getting into hot water!

How to send opt-in freebies to subscribers using Mailchimp

How to send opt-in freebies to subscribers using Mailchimp

Build your email list with opt-in blog freebies. Check out this tutorial on how to send opt-in freebies to your email subscribers using Mailchimp for FREE. No coding required and no expensive monthly subscriptions – just an easy-to-use Wordpress plugin.

5 time management tips for side-hustle bloggers

When you’re blogging on the side around your 9-5 job or kids, every minute counts. I’ve been blogging part-time for a number of years and have pulled together 5 time management tips for side hustle bloggers. These tips have helped me get more done and can help you too!

How to set up a free blog email address on Siteground

Look more professional and ensure you don’t end up in spam folders with a dedicated blog domain email address. This easy step-by-step tutorial shows you how to set up your blog email address on Siteground for free!

How to beat the Facebook group time-suck

Facebook groups are a great way for bloggers to connect and share their work. But they can take up a lot of time if you let them. Learn how to avoid the Facebook Group time suck + a free spreadsheet to help you make the most of your Group time.

How to pick a WordPress theme in 4 super simple steps

Wondering how to pick a Wordpress theme with all the choices out there? This no-jargon 4 step guide helps you choose the right theme for your budget and technical skill level. Free and premium theme suggestions included!

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