So you’ve started a blog on Siteground and now you’re wondering how the heck you set up an email address for your blog? You’re in the right place! This quick tutorial will show you how to set up your blog email address on Siteground for free.

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I see this topic come up time after time on Facebook Groups. Bloggers wonder if they need a proper domain email address, or if they can just use their own email address.

Having a professional email address for your blog (i.e. myname@myblogname) makes your business look far more reputable than a random Yahoo email address (which helps you avoid the spam filters).

Plus, it’s a must if you want an account with many reputable email service providers (such as Mailerlite).

Luckily, it’s super simple (and FREE!) to set up your own dedicated blog email address on Siteground.

Here’s how…


How to set up a blog email address on Siteground


1. Sign into your user area and click go to cPanel as shown below.


2. Navigate down and choose ‘Email Accounts’

3. Choose your preferred email address (first name @ your blog name works well) and add a password.

Make a note of this password as you’ll need it to access your emails later on.

You’re asked to choose your mailbox size. 250MB is the default but you can change this. Above the grey box, they tell me that 4000MB is the max allowed for my GrowBig hosting package so I overwrote the default 250MB with 4000MB to give as much bandwidth as possible.

Click ‘create account’.

And that’s it! You now have a dedicated email address for your blog.


How to access your Siteground emails


Ok, so you’ve got your email address all set up. But, how do you actually send and receive your emails?

You’ve got a couple of choices…

 1. Set up webmail on Siteground


You can log in and check your emails through a webmail client on Siteground.

However, it’s a bit cumbersome and not a great option for sending and receiving mail on the go.

Here’s where to go to set it up…

Head back to the Mail menu in your cPanel and choose ‘Webmail’

how to set up blog email address on Siteground screenshot

Then choose ‘Log in to Webmail’ and follow the directions to set up one of the web clients available…

I have a better solution for you though…


2. Send and receive your blog domain emails through your Gmail account


It just takes a couple more steps to set up your blog emails to sync with your Gmail account. I’ve got about 4 different domain emails being pulled into my personal Gmail account!

I’ve written a whole step-by-step tutorial on how to do this – check out ‘How to send receive blog emails with Gmail‘ for full instructions. It’s easy peasy, I promise!


There you have it, it’s easy and free to set up your own blog email address on Siteground. You have no excuses now 🙂

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