It seems like the blogging world raves about Leadpages as a go-to method for creating landing pages. It’s certainly a great tool, BUT it’s on the pricey side. This post looks at alternatives to Leadpages for cash-strapped bloggers…

Leadpages free alternatives

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So what’s a landing page and why is it different from a normal blog page? I like this post from Elna Cain over at Twins Mommy which explains it nicely.

In her words, “…a landing page has only one purpose and one message”.

This is usually to collect email addresses in exchange for an opt-in freebie, signing up for a webinar or course, or buying a product. The aim is to create a full-width page with zero distractions.

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Do you actually need a landing page?

It’s so tempting when you first start blogging to invest in all the systems and tools that your favorite pro bloggers use. However, it’s always worth asking if it’s something that you need at this stage in your blogging journey.

This holds true for landing pages. If all you’re offering on your blog right now is a simple content upgrade, then you may not require a landing page – just an embedded opt-in form in your blog post would suffice. No point in over complicating things!

If you decide that you do want to use a landing page then the tool that is mentioned a lot is Leadpages, which often tops the list of best landing page builders.

Their landing page templates are designed to be “high converting” with each page element placed in the right spot to increase the number of sign-ups or sales.

It comes with an equally high price point though. The cheapest Leadpages pricing option is $300 per year (which works out at $25 per month) – this rises to $37 if you want to pay monthly.

alternatives to leadpages

So Leadpages pricing is a BIG investment for a side-hustle blogger – especially if you’re not making any money from your blog yet.

I’d argue that it’s an expense that you can put off until you’re in a better position to afford it.

After all, there are plenty of cheap and FREE alternatives to Leadpages, which means you can create really effective landing pages for a fraction of the cost.

Let’s take a look…




1 – Alternatives to Leadpages: Create a simple landing page on your blog

Who says you need a fancy tool to create landing pages?

The main point of a landing page is that it has fewer distractions than your average blog page. You can totally create a simple full-width page on your blog that will do the trick.

Here’s an example from Twins Mommy where she has created a simple page that draws your attention to one clear focus – signing up for her Affiliate Promotion lead magnet, like so…

alternatives to leadpages

This is super simple to do.

Just open a new page in WordPress and then on the right-hand menu go to ‘Page Attributes‘.

For most standalone WordPress themes, you’ll choose ‘Full width’ from the Template drop-down. This will ensure that there is no sidebar on that page for a cleaner look.

alternatives to leadpages

If you have a Genesis child theme, then you may be able to choose the ‘Landing’ page template under ‘Parent’.

This goes a step further and removes more distractions from the page so it operates more like a classic landing page.

alternatives to leadpages

You can now go and design your landing page.

 Check out this checklist for creating a high converting landing page for some guidance on creating your own.


2 – Leadpages free alternatives – Use a WordPress page builder


Divi by Elegant Themes

(This option is only free if you’re already using the Divi theme. See my post on how to pick a WordPress theme for more information on Divi and why it’s a good choice for coding-averse bloggers who want to build different pages from scratch).

Divi is a super powerful visual drag and drop builder WordPress theme, which makes it perfect for creating landing pages in a jiffy. 

This blog is built on Divi. In fact, one of the reasons I chose it was that I wanted to be able to create landing pages without having to use a different plugin or program.

Here’s how to open a landing page template…

Open a new page in WordPress and choose the option to use the Divi Builder. Scroll down to the builder menu and choose ‘Load from Library’

alternatives to leadpages

Scroll down the list of predefined layouts and load up the  ‘Landing Page’ template.

alternatives to leadpages

You can then personalize this template as you see fit.

Alternatively, you can choose from a range of designed landing page themes released by Elegant Themes if you’d prefer someone else to do the hard work for you!



A Leadpages free alternative with drag-and-drop functionality is the Elementor plugin.

I haven’t actually used or tested this myself but I’ve seen bloggers discussing it on Facebook Groups as a free landing page creator.

There is a range of free layouts for Elementor that you can download and use as a base for your design, for example:

alternatives to leadpages


3 – Leadpages free alternative: Try the Mailmunch WordPress plugin

I discovered the Mailmunch plugin as a way to send opt-in freebies to your subscribers (for free!) using Mailchimp.

It’s actually a really powerful plugin as it allows you to create landing pages which you can integrate with all the major email service providers (not just Mailchimp!) to collect email addresses.

Simply download the Mailchimp Forms by Mailmunch plugin and activate it on your blog, then head to the landing page option and click ‘add new page’.

Choose a template (there are 2 free options, you’ll need to upgrade to Pro for other options) and then follow the prompts to create your landing page.

alternatives to leadpages


4 – Free Leadpages alternatives: Use your email service provider

Did you know that many of the major email service providers allow you to create landing pages?

This is a great alternative to Leadpages and no need to mess around trying to integrate your email provider. Some of the most popular email providers for bloggers include:


Free up to 2000 subscribers.

alternatives to leadpages


Free up to 1000 subscribers.

alternatives to leadpages


Only free if you’re already using Convertkit which costs from $29 per month.

alternatives to leadpages




There are tons of Leadpages free alternatives, but you might want to take a look at some premium options too. Here are two that I’ve seen mentioned by other bloggers…


5 – Alternatives to Leadpages: Thrive Architect

One of the main benefits of Leadpages is that their landing pages are optimized for conversion. It could be argued that a landing page you create yourself won’t be able to replicate this optimization.

A cheaper alternative may be Thrive Architect.

At a $67 one-off fee for a single license, it’s significantly less expensive than Leadpages but does offer optimized templates that may help with your conversions.

alternatives to leadpages

Check out this post which compares Thrive Architect vs. Leadpages for more information.

Jen Snyder over at Women Winning Online is a big Thrive Architect fan and has written a tutorial on how to create a landing page with Thrive Architect.


6 – Leadpages alternatives: Bluchic landing page templates 

If you’re put off by free options due to the fact that you need to design them yourself, then you may want to take a look at the landing page templates by Bluchic.

alternatives to leadpages

You get professionally designed landing page templates for $109. You can easily change the photos, colors and fonts used to suit your brand.

I would say, given the aesthetic, that these landing pages would be best for a feminine themed blog and would be a good option for a more ‘done for you’ landing page option.


In all honesty, I think I will probably give Leadpages a go at some point – I’m intrigued by the high conversion rates that are discussed.

But right now, given I only offer a couple of simple opt-in freebies, I don’t feel the need to take the plunge on that cost just yet.

There’s always that decision to be weighed up when you’re blogging on the side. When you DO invest in your blog you want to make sure you’re spending your cash on the right things.

If Leadpages feels like it’s too far out of your price range right now, fear not. I’ve shown you some great alternatives to Leadpages that are far cheaper (or even free!). There’s bound to be one that suits you!


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